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Aug 28,2017

Understanding How Agile Software Development Life Cycle Works


In agile software development life cycle the product or solution is first divided into set of features which need to be implemented. In future if there are new features identified in the middle of the software development process, it again gets planned across the set of phases. Agile time duration is decided based on feature to be added to the current software. addition of any new feature should go through the set of phases of Requirement, Design, Development and Testing phase.In the requirement collection phase, software requirements are collected from the end user and will be framed.

During the Design phase, design of the product / solution would be done. here test team understands the collected requirements and comes up with a testing plan to proceed with testing of the piece code that is being developed by developers team. In the Development phase, Developers are actively participated in writing code for solutions to be given for user. Here the test team is involved in writing test cases for features being developed at every stage. In the Testing phase, Manual testing happens on the basis of test cases written. Automation testing for the test cases automated is also done. Here the development team is involved in fixing the bugs reported and test team re-verifies it and it continues until the requirements are satisfied.